Light design

Most of the wedding celebrations are evening events. This is due to its convenience and the desire to create an intimate atmosphere. Professional light design comes into action in order to create that unforgettable feeling of cosy and loving environment.

When done well, lighting can make everything look better, from your wedding cake to your guests. The right kind of illumination will also get those details you spent hours on noticed, create awesome photo ops and allow you to spend less on the rest of the décor. It really is that impactful.

What’s important for any kind of wedding celebration is the right atmosphere. It sets the tone of happiness and magic, plunging you and your guests into fun and that miracle moment experience. Professional lighting effects help creating a genuine sense of celebration, transforming any kind of chosen location (whether indoor or outdoor) into something extraordinary and fabulous. More than just illuminating a room, imaginative and well-planned lighting will establish your ideal environment.

Advances in technology and a trend in more unique weddings have turned lighting design into an element of personalization.

These are the most requested trends we currently are working with:

  • Chandeliers
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Video-mapping
  • Break-up patterns

Our team of professional destination wedding planner in Italy and Cyprus collaborates with specialists in the light design industry, who in turn will help you choose the best option of light design according to your wishes. 

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