Wedding cake

Wedding cake is an inherent attribute of any kind of wedding celebration. All the restaurants would include a standard cake option in the list of the catering services but one should know that the choice is quite limited. Therefore, if you have a precise idea of what your wedding cake should look like contact our agency and we will find you the best confectioner for the most romantic moment of your life.

The agency manager will put you in touch with a professional who will not only create a masterpiece from an aesthetic point of view but also conquer with the taste of the cake itself. It is possible to book an appointment with a pastry shop (accompanied by one of our managers) and do the pre-tasting, giving the client the exact idea of how the cake is going to be.

Your guests shall enjoy the wedding so we carefully choose a pastry master and a thoughtful cooperation with him. As for the timeline, we suggest to start the selecting process at least one month before the due date so you will have enough time to take an important decision.

Practical tips for the cake selection

  • Clearly plan out the time of the order. Assign the delivery at least 2-2.5 hours before its appearance at the event.
  • Choose the design based on the style of the wedding. It must comply with the overall concept of the event.
  • Do not ‘overdo’ the cake decoration: excesses may ruin the overall presentation.
  • Do order cake if you are not sure about the exact guest number. There is a possibility to order more than necessary or vice versa.

Wedding cake is a sweet celebration crown so the importance of it must devote special attention!

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