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A wedding is a lot like an orchestra—many different elements come together to make one cohesive event. But just as symphony might feature strings and horns, all the aspects of the wedding are equal in importance. Wedding coordinator is that person taking care of the ceremony and making necessary decisions on the day of your event.

Toutenrouge coordinators are graduated professionals with a lot of experience. Complete control of a wedding ‘must do’ list is the real quality of a right wedding coordinator.

No matter how well the wedding is planned, force majeure situations may happen but the real quality of a professional wedding coordinator is to eliminate the issue without attracting any attention to it. If you have a large-scale wedding, Toutenrouge will provide more than one coordinator in order to have all the details under control.

Responsibility and professionalism in the first place

In order to do the right coordination job, it is necessary to be well-versed in the specifics of each professional, whether it is a photographer, make up artist, florist or wedding conductor and light designer.

Wedding coordination does not start with morning phone calls on the due date, but a long time before, writing out all the necessary parts of the logistics process.

What are the responsibilities of a wedding coordinator?

  1. Introduction to the approved wedding scenario.
  2. Preparation of the wedding day timing plan.
  3. Control over the coordinated performance of all the suppliers/performers included in the process
  4. Control over of the event dismantling.
  5. Payment to the involved professionals.
  6. Control over the guests transfer.
  7. Wedding coordination is a professional duty performed by our experts with a great pleasure.

About wedding coordination in Italy and Cyprus

Choosing a right destination wedding planner is the shortest way for your dream wedding in Italy. Toutenrouge event agency is located in this charming country. We have a long-established relationship with various suppliers and performers included in the wedding process planning. We can organize you a beautiful ceremony with a reception in the castle, magnificent hotel or ancient villa. You not have to worry because our wedding coordinators will be speaking your language.

Talking about a wedding in Cyprus, we can plan it in any part of the Greek island whether on the beach, restaurant, villa or a hotel. Cyprus weddings are famous for its colorful features. Having an English/Greek speaking wedding coordinator will help you hold your special day perfectly.  

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