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Today we are talking about why a destination wedding may be right up your valley. One of the most important aspects is primarily choosing a country you see your magical moment happening in. Italy may pleasantly surprise with its expressive nature and warming welcoming while Cyprus will make you plunge into the centuries-old Greek culture.

As a wedding planner with years of experience in the destination event industry, Toutenrouge does its job with love, passion and maximum reliability. We have hundreds of successfully performed wedding ceremonies both in Italy and Cyprus. Our team will help you choose the perfect venue making all your wedding dreams come true. 

What do we take into consideration while choosing a venue?

  • Location: how prestigious is the hotel or villa? Is it suitable for the boat/car/helicopter access?
  • Interior: does the venue satisfy wedding concept idea?
  • Service: one of the key factors, characterizing the overall level a venue
  • Cuisine: this is a determinant feature of any kind of prestigious venue not only for the taste but the artistic presentation as well

It is extremely important to be able to translate all the wedding inspirations and ideas at the selected venue. You have a chance to do so if choosing unhurriedly, taking all the time you need in order to make that final decision about where you wedding is going to take place at. Good venues are booked in advance, sometimes even a year prior to the due date. In addition, making your booking in advance, you might get a pleasant venue discount.

What criteria do you take into consideration while choosing a venue?

  1. The date of the ceremony. For some venues it is necessary to make an early booking
  2. What kind of ceremony are you planning – official or symbolic?
  3. Have you determined your wedding budget?
  4. How many guests are planning to attend the wedding?
  5. Specific requirements

With this initial data, our team along with a couple is able to start defining wedding concept, work on its implementation and coordination and book a venue for the chosen date.

Before making a definite choice, newlyweds are offered with several venue options meeting requested criteria. 

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