One of the common challenges most of the foreign couples meet when choosing Italy or Cyprus for destination wedding is the language barrier and the lack of knowledge of some local features. Even if you speak good English, it does not mean that in certain circumstances it is going to help you because sometimes you need to know the language of a host country.

When do you need an interpreter?

By choosing civil ceremony in Italy or Cyprus, an interpreter is needed for the official part of the day by which we mean the signing of the wedding Declaration. The couple is not allowed translating themselves since the local law does not consider them as an interested party.

The main part of the civil ceremony in Italy consists out of an official protocol reading by the Mayer of the town municipality you are getting married in. The translation must be done professionally so its does not miss the value of the basic meaning, being however literally pleasing to the ear. Registration Certificate must be signed by the couple, witnesses, Mayer and interpreter.

What do we offer?

If you sign a contract with Toutenrouge event agency, the issue of an interpreter is automatically solved since we include it in the service package. You call also request Italian or Greek interpreter service separately:

  • Translation of official documentation;
  • Synchronized wedding ceremony translation;
  • Assistance in communication in a multinational wedding;

Like in Cyprus, every single town in Italy has its own traditions and specifics. From the experience, we can say that a presence of an interpreter during the wedding gives comfort to the newlyweds while staying abroad.

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