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Destination wedding in Italy or Cyprus is something beautiful, unusual and very romantic. Its music begins right from the ceremony until the last dance of the newlyweds. Music is something setting the tone of the entire wedding celebration. We, as a professional destination wedding planer, have a goal to choose the right musical arrangement and entertainment so that it is beautiful, elegant and fun at the same time.

Your emotions are expensive

The music and entertainment at your wedding will cost not less that 15% of the total budget but it is something that constitutes that main part of such an emotional day therefore it is very important to give it a real thought before making a final decision.

Music and entertainment depend on the wedding style theme and newlyweds preferences.Our task, as a professional destination wedding planner, is to determine music ‘saturation’, provide reliable performers and prevent ‘the overkill’ in order not to bore your guests.

What entertainment do we offer?

The entertainment and the musical part are developed in advance along with the wedding scenario: from Cyprus National orchestra to a classical trio, from an Italian jazz band to international celebrities. Toutenrouge works only with the talented musicians and popular cover bands, ensuring therefore live music, beautiful vocals and a lot of positive energy.

We also have some other entertainment options:

  1. Dance groups.
  2. Aerialists.
  3. Magicians and jugglers.
  4. Professional cigar rollers.
  5. Sommelier, representing the best of Italian and Cypriot wines and their methods of tasting.
  6. Roving artists

First dance

First dance of the newlyweds opens up a dance program of the evening. In Cyprus, they call it ‘Horus tu androyinu’. This tradition represents the ability to declare love without saying any word, a peculiar way of love expression coming through every movement of the dancers. It does not necessarily has to be walz or tango, but something dear to your heart. If you are not a good dancer, we can help you out with a dance composition development along with a professional choreographer.

What a wedding without a DJ? 

DJ is an essential part of any wedding reception. He can offer convenience, a diverse selection, authentic versions of songs and a better volume control. In addition, a DJ is likely to have the most recent hits and any special or unusual songs that a band may not have learned yet as part of its repertoire. Some couples are even hiring a DJ to alternate with a live band throughout the reception. This arrangement creates a mixed, vibrant playlist that keeps the environment on the dance floor young and fresh.

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