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A photographer is the key figure in any kind of wedding. He is the one responsible for the most romantic memories of your life. His expertise and creativity must be at a high level, that's why choosing a wedding photographer is a serious and responsible decision to take while planning a wedding. 

If your destination wedding takes place in Italy or Cyprus, where the architecture plays a huge role in the decoration setting, Toutenrouge team will ensure to find not only the professionals, but the artists with an experience in this kind of ambience.

Find your destination wedding photographer in our agency

In order to obtain high-quality artistic images, the photographer must not only love the job he does, but have a set of inherent professional competencies such as:

  • Shooting technique
  • Lighting equipment
  • Artistic approach
  • Emotional content technique
  • Photographer-client relations

Only real professional will conduct that many hour tedious photoshoot process in a warm atmosphere, knowing exactly when to capture the ‘right’ moment or give that little break for a glass of champagne.

If there is a sync between a photographer and a client, the result is going to be extraordinary and we, as a team of reliable planners, are responsible for it to happen. 

What do we offer to our clients

  • Photo love story
  • Wedding shoot
  • Video love story
  • Wedding video shoot
  • Drone shooting

The results of a wedding are documented by videographer in a beautiful artistic movie (often comes with a trailer and a love story) and a classy photo book for you and your family members. Impregnated by the sun, sea and love, they will make you go through those joyful moments once again.

Seen from experience…

The photographer/videographer artistic results are largely depending on the overall wedding planning process. Cheerful and most importantly calm couple is the key to any successful wedding shooting. 

Other services

Wedding conductor
Wedding reception

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