Symbolic wedding ceremony

Symbolic wedding in Italy is one of our clients’ preferred choices due to the exemption of a number of bureaucratic steps inherent to the civil or religious ceremony.

For example:

  • Appointment in the general consulate of the country of originin Italy
  • Declaration stating that according to the laws to which you are subject, there is no obstacle to your marriage
  • Baptismal and confirmation certificates

Planning a symbolic wedding in Italy does not require any documents from the couple because it is not legally recognized by any State.

In order to plan an important event such as symbolic ceremony in Italy, couple has to identify the following:

  • Date and location of the wedding in Italy
  • Have a possibility to be flexible when choosing the right date due to the ‘overbooking’ of the wedding venues (the couple has to be aware that Italy is one of the most requested destination wedding countries in the world, therefore we highly recommend to start planning process at least 3-4 months before the scheduled date)
  • Number of guests
  • Budget

Most of the venues presented by our company are available for the symbolic ceremony due to the lack of the legal force (except for the Civil Registry offices).

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