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Villa Syrene rose up on the splendid remains of a majestic villa, a home destined to the otium of the highest Roman aristocracy, among them Emperor Augustus himself. The centuries have worn out the walls which hosted important personalities, politicians, intellectuals, but that cliff on the sea, which legend tells is inhabited by mermaids, continues to charm. 

In 1750 the Mastrobuono counts built a house there, which in 1820 becomes a delightful hotel. Kings such as Lugwig II of Bavaria, Victor Emmanuel III, Paul of Greece, Empresses such as Eujénie de Montijo, to whom is dedicated one of the villa’s most beautiful frescos, writers such as Turgenev, Jorge, Marguerite Yourcenar, all of which, no exceptions, remained fascinated and stunned once they arrived in this place. 


 It is the case of the English collector William Waldorf Astor who decided, at the beginning of the XX century, to bring the place back to its ancient splendour of the Roman Age, so an exact copy of the Vetti house in Pompeii was built, with frescos and blooming colonnades. 

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