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The entire complex of Villa San Giorgio Fontelucente the Forest of the formal garden, the spacious park, the surrounding woods and olive groves are located in a beautiful location with spectacular views to the south of Florence and a shot of Castel di Poggio to the east.
The garden is divided into several terraces sloping down towards Florence, arranged with a parterre of box hedges along the south of the Villa. The first dates back to the transformation of twentieth-century terrace of the villa by Angelo Peyron, while other interventions in the park were made later by his son Paul in mid-twentieth century.

The villa was probably built on the ruins of Etruscan and for ever, reconstructions and transformations until he assumed its present appearance by the architect Hugh Giovanozzi.
The property takes its name from the presence of a lush forest from which emerge the sixteenth-century Italian gardens and a source located upstream of the villa, which provides for the fall of water necessary for operation of the many fountains and a pond.

The statues of exquisite workmanship that decorate the garden, the place of those destroyed during the war, come from the Venetian Villas on the Brenta.
Paul Peyron, in order to convey the complex intact to future generations, has donated to the Foundation in 1998, promoted and supported by Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze. Preservation and enhancement of historic gardens is, in fact, one of the priority objectives of The Fund, together with the disclosure of environmental values.

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