Official wedding ceremony

Planning an official wedding ceremony in Italy, legally recognised in the country of origin, is one of the most difficult (but never impossible) aspect of the whole planning process.
It includes a number of bureaucratic steps, knowledge of the local ‘timeline’ and the actual presence of the newlyweds in Italy at the time of the paperwork registration.

For the legalization of your marriage in Italy you might need one the following:

  • Personal presence for the consulate appointment
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of diverse (if any)

Required documents

Toutenrouge helps foreign couples to execute all the legal paperwork, accompanies to the necessary authorities and books appointments in advance, giving therefore confidence in the fact that all the required documentation, will be ready in time for the wedding ceremony.
There are not a lot of wedding venues in Italy, that have a special governmental permission to perform civil marriage, so quite often couples have to choose whether or not to actually have a specific venue for the official part or just ‘combine’ the Italian Civil Registry Office with a further trip to the villa.

With a regard to the financial aspect of the official ceremony in Italy, governmental fees of the foreign consulates in Italy and the Italian prefecture are quite stable.
The prices vary though, when it comes to the choice of the venue. Here, in order to have precise calculation, one needs to specify the date (high/low season) and the exact number of guests.

One of the main obstacles in the ‘self-planning’ of a wedding in Italy is that the client, while abroad, does not know the subtleties, such as, for example: the presence of the two witnesses with the Italian residence during the ceremony, ‘timeline’ and possible difficulties in the legal paperwork.

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