Ligurian Riviera

If you’re planning your destination wedding, then you’ll want to be “in the know” when it comes to this amazing trend... the perfect “extra touch” to any special long-distance celebration.

Wedding in Italy is a sign of a 'bon ton'. Wedding in the Ligurian Riviera speaks for the sophistication of the newlyweds choice: wonderful place with breathtaking views, picturesque rocks and the amazing

Mediterranean vegetation...this what makes a wedding in Liguria so special.

It has attracted European nobilitythought-out centuries by its unique natural conditions, mild climate and a beautiful emerald-clear sea. The antique heritage shared with modern descendants left an enormous number of old castles and romantic Renaissance villas. All these, can become an amazing venue for your destination wedding in Liguria.

Wedding venues


Rent of 4000 €.

€€€, Official ceremony


€€€, Symbolic ceremony


€€, Symbolic ceremony

What is so attractive about a wedding in Liguria?

  • Italy is one of those few European countries where marriage licence between foreigners has a legal force internationally
  • Symbolic destination wedding does not require any paperwork and it is one of the most popular client choice
  • Wedding ceremonies in Liguria in Italy are held inmagnificent historic places, such as casteless and villas, surrounded by the abundance of nature and love

What does Toutenrouge offer?

Toutenruge helps you plan your dream come true wedding in Liguria:

1. Official (civil) ceremony can be held in Villa Santa Margherita, built for Princess Tsenturionskoy, banquet hall can take up to 250 guests.

2. Symbolic ceremony:

  • Villa Rosetti with up to 250 guests and a boat access
  • Villa Spezia dated 18th century with a capacity of 120 guests

An exquisite Ligurian cuisine will definitely enchant even the pickiest gourmet: pesto sauseand  fresh seafood are just some of the Mediterranean examples of excellence. Only here, in the Ligurian Riviera you will be able to taste a lot of sophisticated wines such as 'Cinque Terre DOC' or 'Sciacchetra'.

Celebrities of all times have also been fans of the Ligurian Riviera

One of the most famous places in Liguria is a small town of Portofino, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It has a rare combination of natural beauty, luxury and aristocracy, which is so attractive for millions of visitors every day.

Once upon a time Maria Medici and Francesco Petrarca lived here…Ernest Hemingway, Sigmund Freud and Guy de Maupassant have also been regular visitors. Today many celebrities such as Giorgio Armani, Dolce &Gabbana and many Hollywood representatives choose Liguria as their vacation destination. 


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