Wedding in Cyprus

‘Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you…’
Do you remember his trembling voice and that blossoming smile on your face... Surely you are going to have one of the most beautiful wedding ceremonies in the world. Is there an alternative to the noisy ‘sit-round gathering’ in one of the city restaurants? Isn’t it better going somewhere special, where the love ‘herself’ was born?

Wedding in Cyprus would be a perfectsequel to your romantic story. You can have an intimate love escape, just the two of you or bring your guests along. Wedding in Cyprus gives you a lot of possibilities: either it can civil, religious or symbolic ceremony. It is up to you.It is also a great destination wedding choice when it comes to the general weather conditions: April or November, the warm sun is always going to be lenient no matter what.

Main features of a wedding in Cyprus

Cyprus is a wonderful place where you can truly feel like home. Is it because of the warm sun or the general hospitality of the locals? It is up to you to decide. All we know is that a wedding in Cyprus is always so easy and relaxed but so chic and romantic at the same time.

Here you can find an amazing cuisine and when it comes to the ripe fruits, carefully cultivated by the nature itself, it can be literally used as a part of a wedding decoration.

Toutenrouge is a European based company offering wide range of event planning services. Our team arranges corporate events, anniversaries and wedding in Cyprus.

Wedding planning, as a whole, does not include just the choice of the location, décor and the menu itself but also the legal knowledge of the in case of a civil marriage on the territory of a foreign State.

Cyprus, as one of the most ‘open-minded’ countries, in contrast to many other European States, allows you to perform a State-recognised civil and religious marriage, which subsequently has jurisdictional validity across the world.

Over the years, Toutenrouge had developed precise scheme that we follow as a wedding planner in Cyprus. Moreover, the advantage of perfectly speaking local language, the presence on the territory of the State and the knowledge of the legal procedures, gives us a significant competitive dominance in the destination wedding planner industry. We are the ones who plan and organise the wedding in Cyprus, therefore clients do not have to contribute to the intermediaries.

Professional wedding planning

Planning a wedding in Cyprus requires a careful preparation and registration of all the necessary documentation. Toutenrouge will prepare every detail of your celebration. We do not work with intermediaries, responding personally therefore for the quality of work that we do.

We provide 24/7 assistance in order for the client to be fully informed about the latest updates concerning the planning procedure. Based in Cyprus, our team knows perfectlyall the local customs: maybe, instead of the wedding bouquet you would like to carry a pomegranate (local belief, representing fertility), or throwing a little piece of metal on the roof representing happiness and wealth.

We, as a team of professionals, guarantee the full legitimacy of the official wedding planning. All events are taking place with the involvement of representatives of the municipality of the city.

Prices for a wedding in Cyprus

So how much does it actually cost to have a wedding in Cyprus? Of course it depends in a budget frame. Our company has chosen a flexible pricing policy, therefore we are ready to work also with different kind of budgets. Keep in mind though, that a real wedding celebration is not only about the venue and the photographer rentals but also a professional well thought out script in order for you to enjoy your special day as much as you can. We will take care of the rest.

Use the form below to submit your request – just briefly describe how do you see your wedding ceremony in Cyprus and one of our managers will contact you as soon as possible.


Where do I celebrate?

Cyprus offers wide range of different wedding venues: from the well-known five-star hotels with swimming pools, spa and outdoor areas to the ancient winery villas, cosy restaurants and spectacular seashore locations, taking your breath away.

Plan your magical wedding in Cyprus with Toutenrouge Team.

Wedding planning

  • Phone meeting

  • Special requests, guest number and location definition

  • Location research

  • Location approval

  • Screenplay approval

  • Agreement signing

  • First advance pre payment

  • Wedding planning

  • Final payment

  • Guest arrival

  • Wedding

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